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IV Sedation Dentistry in Fresno, CA

There are 3 types of sedation: gas sedation (nitrous oxide gas), pill sedation, and IV Sedation. We offer all three.

The most effective and deepest form of sedation is IV sedation. Only a handful of dentists in California have undergone the extensive training and certification required to administer IV sedation. Dr. Dunlop has performed over 5,000 sedation cases in his career with a near 100% patient satisfaction rating. IV sedation involves starting an IV line and administering sedatives, pain relievers, anti-inflammatory medications, and other medicines directly into the bloodstream.

Pill sedation involves nearly the same mechanism but in pill form. We combine pill sedation into our IV sedation procedures. All patients take a medication at home 1 hour prior to coming in for their work. This starts the sedation early and makes for an easy ride once the patient arrives. Gas sedation is the lowest form of sedation and includes the administration of Nitrous Oxide gas (laughing gas). The onset is rapid but the effect is less than the other forms of sedation. The effects wear off quickly and in most cases, patients can drive themselves home (unlike other forms of sedation where a chaperone is required).

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