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How Can Dental Implants Help Me?

Replace a Single Tooth

The process to replace a single missing or failing tooth is simple. The tooth is removed, if necessary, and the implant screw is placed deep into the remaining bone. Bone grafting material may need to be placed to secure the implant into the bone and ensure long-term success. A temporary restoration is placed over the implant for esthetics. A few months later, a final beautiful porcelain crown is made to perfectly fill the missing tooth space.

Replace a Few Teeth

Similar to replacing a single tooth, implants can be used to replace a set of missing or damaged teeth. There is no need to place an implant for each missing tooth, as the implant anchors can be spaced out to provide adequate support. This saves the patient money and the need for additional procedures to ensure the health of additional implants.

Replace All My Teeth

This procedure involves removing all the upper or lower teeth and replacing them with implant-supported teeth. A minimum of 4 dental implants are needed to secure permanent teeth to the upper or lower jaw. These teeth are highly aesthetic and functional, allowing patients to rest with comfort as they eat the foods they enjoy. Dental training is needed to remove these restorations, performed by our staff twice a year for cleanings and to inspect implant components as needed.

Secure My Loose Dentures

Patients are sometimes required to wear dentures, and when they do, implants can greatly enhance the function and appearance of dentures. Implants work to secure loose dentures, eliminating the need for messy adhesives and relieving painful sore spots. They also prevent food impaction under the denture and reduce the need for extra plastic to make the dentures secure. The end result is slimmer, lighter, more functional denture that allows the patient to eat better, speak better, and live better!