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We are the Central Valley leader for Sedation, Dental Implants, and General Dentistry.  We offer a wide variety of comprehensive dental procedures, and are proud to be the most complete "One Stop Shop" for high quality dental in Central California.

Our IV sedation procedure is the core of our comprehensive care.  It is not uncommon for a patient to use IV sedation to have a deep cleaning, fillings, crowns, extractions, and dental implants in a single visit.  Patients wake up after all the dental work is done and have NO MEMORY of having it done.  In fact, most patients don't even remember coming into the office the next day!  You are always in a safe environment - because you must bring an escort (family member, friend, spouse, etc) and you are never left alone during your sedation, you can relax and enjoy the best nap you've ever had!  IV sedation has been used for full mouth extractions and replacement of missing teeth with implants, or simply for a cleaning for our most nervous patients!

Our focus in on comprehensive and complete dental care.  We even have onsite lab services so you can have your labwork completed while you wait!  You can rely on us to manage your entire dental care in one office.  Whether for hygiene, restorative dentistry, surgical procedures, or cosmetics such as veneers, Botox, and Collagen lip injections, the Better Life Center is here for you!


Dr. Ryan Dunlop
Sedation, Implant and General Dentist

Below is a complete list of dental procedures provided in this office: