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Dental Implants in Fresno, CA - Affordable Dental Implants

Old-fashioned dentures don’t give dental patients much reason to feel good. Dentures can become loose throughout the day, cause soft tissue discomfort, and make normal biting and chewing impossible. But with help from our Fresno implant dentist, we are capable of changing all of that and giving you a smile you can feel good about in a way that is affordable and with treatment that is quicker than you might imagine.

Unhappy Dentures-Wearers Have Affordable Options for Treatment

Dental implants provide a permanent, comfortable solution to tooth loss. Implants resemble a small screw and are surgically placed into bone in the jaw to support a crown, bridge, or full denture. Our dental implant procedures include:

Single Dental Implants – While we specialize in full-mouth restorations with dental implants, we can also place single dental implants for patients missing one tooth, or who have sporadic tooth loss in various places throughout their smiles.  Single implants are topped with a tooth-colored crown.

Permanent Lower Dentures – We’re capable of providing you with a full lower denture that is firmly held in place by just two dental implants. Dr. Dunlop understands how removable lower dentures can make people suffer. With the placement of just two dental implants, we can give patients a set of teeth that are significantly stronger and more stable. Dentures snap to the implants – you can still remove your dentures to clean them, but can enjoy a complete transformation in comfort and security for your dental prosthetic.

Implant-Supported Full-Arch Bridges– Dr. Dunlop can give you a full-smile with a full upper-arch bridge as well. The placement of this fixed prosthetic requires around 4-6 dental implants to hold permanently in place. This implant supported bridge does not cover the roof of your mouth and therefore prevents the gag reflex that some patients experience with bulky traditional dentures.

Better Life Dentistry is a Fresno, CA implant dental office that performs all parts of your procedure in one office, which is what makes our dental implants affordable. From 3D digital imaging for treatment planning, to dental sedation, implant placement, and creation of your implant dentures – we are prepared to do it all. With our efficient surgical protocols, we can even place and restore your dental implants with full dentures and implant bridges in just one day.

Denture wearers are miserable, but they don’t have to be. Even patients with only partial dentures will find that these appliances cause damage to the teeth over time. Dr. Dunlop and his dental implant team specialize in changing dentures wearers from miserable to ecstatic. We love improving our patients’ lives with a permanent, comfortable alternative to traditional dentures.

The Benefits of New Teeth with Dental ImplantsThe Benefits of Dental Implants by Fresno, CA Dentist Dr. Ryan Dunlop - Better Life Dentistry

People who wear traditional dentures experience bone loss and shrinking of soft tissue and muscle. With no natural tooth roots, bone in the jaw loses necessary stimulation and begins to deplete. Additionally, removable denture-wearers’ teeth become less secure throughout the day and slip and rub on gum tissue, which will begin to shrink and diminish over time. But dental implants act as replacement tooth roots and stimulate tissue to stop bone loss.  Patients with implant dentures are able to regain strength and improve their overall oral health.

Permanent teeth with dental implants are as close to your own natural teeth as God made them.

Ditch Your Old Dentures – Contact Better Life Dentistry for Permanent Teeth

You don’t have to live with uncomfortable dentures that diminish your quality of life. It’s possible to get affordable permanent dentures with dental implants in just one appointment with our Fresno implant dentist. Contact Better Life Dentistry to schedule your consultation for dental implants today.