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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dental Care in Fresno, CA from Better Life Dentistry

Dental anxiety has a serious effect on your oral health. Patients who are fearful of undergoing dental care neglect routine dental appointments, allowing small oral health problems to progress and cause real damage for their health and well-being.

Better Life Dentistry helps patients experience relaxing, worry-free dental care with dental sedation in Fresno, CA. Dr. Ryan Dunlop is certified in IV sedation and provides various other sedative methods to meet patients’ needs. Sedation can be used for any of the procedures we offer, even routine teeth cleanings, to ensure that you have a positive experience at our office.

IV Sedation Dentistry in Fresno

Dr. Dunlop is a certified provider of intra-venous sedation and works on over 100 IV sedation cases per year. With IV dental sedation, Dr. Dunlop can precisely control your level of relaxation. For highly anxious patients, we can induce a deep sleep, or choose a milder level of relaxation for patients who are more comfortable with care.

While sedated, you are still able to communicate with Dr. Dunlop and his team. However, sedation produces an amnesiac effect – you won’t remember the appointment and will be asleep, for all intents and purposes. IV sedation is the safest and most easily reversible of sedative options. Dr. Dunlop administers medication directly into the IV line, and can reverse the effect entirely when your appointment is complete. We carefully control the level of medication we provide, so that patients feel comfortable and rested when they awaken.

Our Other Options for Dental Sedation

The sedation services available from our Fresno dental office are customized to your needs. In addition to IV sedation, Better Life Dentistry also offers nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation to relax anxious patients.

Nitrous Oxide – The sedation treatment is administered through a small mask placed over your nose mouth. After a short period of inhaling the “laughing gas,” you will feel relaxed and time will appear to pass quickly.

Oral Conscious – This method of sedation is given in pill form and takes effect more slowly. Patients begin to feel sleepy and are relaxed, so they can receive care without anxiety. The effective of oral conscious sedation may last for a few hours, depending on the variety of medication recommended.

With both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation, you will be relaxed enough to not remember much of your appointment time, but will still be able to communicate with Dr. Dunlop.

Relaxing, Pain-Free Dentistry with Sedation

Dr. Dunlop takes a gentle approach to sedation dental care. For IV sedation patients, we start off slow with oral sedative medication an hour before your appointment time. Once in our office, we provide controlled doses of IV medication, so you can comfortably drift off to a relaxing sleep. Our patients ease back into being awake over a stretch of time, especially for longer procedures, and feel great afterwards.

Patients who choose IV sedation are often more comfortable after their treatment is complete– healing is quicker, and there is typically less swelling and limited need for pain relieving medication. Our sedation patients are able to get back to normal life faster and virtually pain-free. 

Learn More about What Sedation Can Do for You – Contact Dr. Dunlop

The team at Better Life Dentistry is committed to your comfort. We offer dental sedation as a way to effectively ease anxiety and allow patients to receive full treatment plans while they rest comfortably. Dr. Dunlop is one of a small percentage of dentists, overall, who has received certification in IV sedation for improved patient experience. 

If you have questions about sedation for your next dental visit, contact our Fresno sedation dentist for your consultation.