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Having a beautiful smile is about more than looking your best. For many of our dental patients, having a completely rejuvenated smile allows them to feel significantly more confident and to enjoy a beautiful set of teeth that look natural and feel strong. Our Fresno cosmetic dental office helps patients achieve brand new smiles with convenient and comfortable dentistry.

Cosmetic Treatment OptionsFresno-Cosmetic-Dentistry-Better-Life-Dentistry-93704

Our Fresno cosmetic dental office makes transforming your smile easy and comfortable. Dr. Dunlop has developed streamlined and customized cosmetic therapies that allow your smile to look whiter and brighter, as well as straighter and more balanced, in one dental appointment. Dr. Dunlop can also replace missing teeth in ways that are long-lasting and comfortable.  Better Life Dentistry’s available cosmetic treatments include:

• Veneers
• Zoom! Teeth Whitening
• Dental Bridges
• Single Dental Implants
• Full-Arch Teeth Replacements with Implants

Dental patients who have been putting off treatment over fear of dental visits or the idea of inconvenient, repeated trips to the dentist can meet all of their dental goals with our efficient and affordable cosmetic dental procedures.

Smile Reconstructions

Full smile makeovers can include any combination therapies, such as porcelain dental veneers, tooth-colored crowns, or fixed and implant-supported dental bridges to replace teeth and enhance the front six teeth in your smile zone.  Our Fresno cosmetic dental center provides quick, high-quality work based our on expert treatment protocols.

Dr. Dunlop makes smile makeovers cost-effective and comfortable. With the benefit of sedation dentistry, smile rehabilitation with any number of cosmetic dental therapies can be completed in less than two hours. Our cosmetic dental patients wake up with beautiful temporaries, created right at our in-house dental lab. Permanent restorations are custom-made in our lab for your personal treatment plan and are placed a few weeks after treatment. If you’re seeking dental cosmetics, we can start and complete your entire treatment plan in one dental appointment.

Botox Aesthetic Smile Enhancement

Cosmetic-Dentist-Fresno-CA-93704With the benefit of Botox for cosmetic dental procedures, Dr. Dunlop can give more than just the appearance of your teeth a boost. Our cosmetic smile makeovers can include aesthetic enhancements by eliminating lines and wrinkles around your smile.  Botox aesthetic smile enhancement can replace missing collagen in the face, nose, and chin area and rejuvenate smiles by adding lost volume in the surrounding facial area.  Our cosmetic dental center provides this service while patients are comfortably sedated, so they can enjoy a true smile transformation with ease.

Get a New Smile in One Day – Contact Better Life Dentistry

Dr. Dunlop and his team love helping patients achieve the smiles of their dreams with care that is highly customized and can be completed in just one office visit. If dental problems have been negatively impacting your self-esteem and oral health, contact our Fresno cosmetic dental center to schedule your consultation for complete smile rehabilitation.